In July 2019, we accepted certification as a non-profit organization to foster peer support volunteers – those who practice psychological support – by advocating an educational program called the Stress Management Program to support activities through peer support.

In any workplace, it is colleagues who work in the same office who understand the workplace culture, environment, and work content. Because they are colleagues, it is possible to lean on them early on!

By learning about stress management as advocated by PSV JAPAN, you will acquire knowledge and skills that will help you in your workplace relationships and cultivate not only your ability to support others, but also your awareness of yourself and your sense of efficacy. We provide educational programs and support for peer support volunteers.

PSV JAPAN will provide the necessary education to implement psychological support for supporters.

We will work together with everyone involved in peer support initiatives to resolve issues together.

First, in order to help you understand the concept of CISM, you can learn about CISM and catastrophic stress management proposed by ICISF, so that you can master the effectiveness of psychological support in peer support.

We will collaborate with and support individuals, companies, and organizations engaged in peer support volunteer work who have mastered the stress management program, and in the end, we will strive to improve local welfare and promote social education, thereby contributing to the public good and society.

Update log

  • May 2024 Seminar Information “Disaster volunteer response” posted on What’s New.(12 April 2024)
  • April 2024 Seminar Information “Anger Management” posted on What’s New. (07 March 2024)
  • The annual schedule of 2024 seminars has been updated. (07 March 2024)

What’ New

The latest seminar information and more.


The NPO PSV JAPAN was established to develop human resources to support relief workers who provide assistance under disasters and emergencies.

Introduction to CISM Seminars

PSV Seminar Annual Schedule

PSV JAPAN offers seminars on the CISM program (Critical Incident Stress Management) offered by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), a non-profit organization that serves as a crisis advisor to the United Nations. (CISM) program offered by ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation). Other seminars are also offered to help you put CISM into practice.
We will inform you of the schedule of seminars.
  • Organization name
    Specified Nonprofit Corporation PSV JAPAN
    Representative director
    Moritoshi Kawakami
    Kizuki 1-32-3, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa

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